This episode is a bit of a departure from our norm.  I set up this team with the intention of discussing physician burnout from EHRs and what we are doing to improve it.  It happened to be our first all-female team, plus me. In the wake of our post-pandemic attempts to return to normalcy, and some of the conversations I’ve heard from my colleagues, I realized we had an opportunity to cover some ground here that might be of interest to professionals in academic environments, dealing with remote work and pressures to return to work. So we made the pivot. We’ll be discussing the “original” topic next month.


I was joined on this episode by Professor Allison McCoy, an assistant professor of biomedical informatics at VUMC, and by a regular on this podcast, Sarah Bland,  who has a lot to say (as you heard in the introduction) on this topic.  We are THRILLED to introduce you to Suzie Brown Sacks.  Dr. Sacks has a very unique story that is highly relevant to both topics.  I’m not giving anything away though. You’ll have to listen to the episode. If you’re a regular, you might have a sense of what makes her a unique doctor. Let’s see if you’re right.

You can hear more of Suzie Brown's music at  She's souful country personified, and would love to welcome you into her fan club!

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