This episode focuses on the challenge of software deployment from the perspective of two completely different industries that share more in common than we realized. 


Oh, and of course, because this is Informatics IN THE ROUND, we get into music. But not into country music, AT ALL.  We discover a connection between music and the environment that may surprise you!


We had 5 guests in this episode. 


Dr. Rob Turer is an emergency medicine physician who is in the middle of his clinical informatics fellowship at Vanderbilt.


Dr. Dara Mize is an assistant professor of Medicine in the Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Biomedical Informatics.  Dara is an adult endocrinologist and focuses on diabetes and thyroid disease.  She also is a Clinical Director of Health IT at Vanderbilt.  Her work interests focus on efforts to improve the clinician experience with the EHR and to support change which enhances clinicians’ ability to provide excellent patient care. 

Together, the two of them have been working recently on the topic of this podcast, which is deploying enterprise-wide software throughout an organization.


Silas "Big Silas" Dean is a self-described ‘serial entrepreneur’ well known to people in the Tennessee region.  His most recent and highly successful venture is a company called VendEngine that builds and deploys cloud-based software for the Corrections industry.


Bernard Salandy is a 30 year veteran of the Corrections field. He’s been a Certified Correctional Health Professional and a Certified Jail Manager.  He started his career as a correction officer for the New York City Department of Corrections. He’s had a number of high-level jobs in the field, including Deputy Chief of the Rutherford County Detention Center. He is now retired from that role and is VP of Business Development for Vend Engine.


Silas "Young Silas" Dean is a songwriter/artist in Nashville, among other things!  Young Silas, like a lot of musicians in Nashville and elsewhere, has a side gig that it turns out is relevant to today’s topic. The entrepreneurial spirit is contagious in that family!

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