Season 2 is here!  Our first episode of this year should have the theme, meeting guests where they are.  We welcome back Sarah Bland who is a regular on the podcast, for which I’m very thankful. Sarah is a leading project manager in our biomedical informatics department, and is extremely knowledgeable about informatics and precision medicine, very funny, but who also has life experiences very relevant to this episode that she shares.

Alissa Abeler and Hannah Smith are a wonderful team. In their professional life they are the singer/songwriter duo called The Daily Fare. Check out their brand of Indie Americana music in this episode and on their website or on Facebook.  They also have had "quite the year" and take this episode in a critical direction. Thank you!

Dr. Colin Walsh is a national expert in predictive analytics (AI, machine learning) focusing on mental health and behavioral disorders. Colin is a physician who cares deeply about wellness issues.


So, what data do we need to manage life after COVID? That was the initial focus of the episode.  But one of the themes of the conversation is what are the questions people need to be asking today so that we can capture the information they need us in healthcare to know?

Speaking of questions, I need to hear from you about topics you want us to cover. I’m on Twitter @KBJVanderbilt, and you can also leave me comments on my Facebook site for informatics in the round, or on this site. 

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