Our third episode of this year covers a very important, timely, and relevant topic.  Every so often the Federal government passes landmark legislation.  We’re going to see what’s happening at Vanderbilt, which is a microcosm of what’s happening in your world as a result of 21st Century Cures and the specific actions it is requiring to stop information blocking.  Huh?  Yea, we’ll get into what that means. We have Dr. Trent Rosenbloom, an expert in biomedical informatics and especially technologies that are used by patients to manage their health information.  Trent’s been at the forefront of this issue and has way more than one podcast to share with us. We might well have him back in a few months to discuss how this is going in more detail.


Trent is joined by Sarah Bland, one of the very insightful and quick witted people I have the pleasure of working with on this podcast from time to time. Thanks, Sarah, as always.  Although the masks she was wearing on our zoom recording were next-level weird.  You’ll see those pics on our podbean-based website for Informatics in the Round, on our Facebook site, on Twitter, on Instagram, and maybe soon even on TikTok!


One thing I love about Nashville—Music City as it’s often called—is that you can find a fantastic singer or songwriter almost everywhere you look. This episode is no exception!  Will Comstock, one of the amazing, affable, and always professional administrative staff in my department, is also a wonderful musician and songwriter and blessed this show with his voice and his creativity.  He also, by the way, shared an important piece of personal insight, from which part of the opening clip was snipped.

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